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Les Wheeler

Fabian Bortolotto - Vocals


Molded, formed and raised in the Hammer, Fabian Bortolotto’s strong and melodic classic rock voice has fronted numerous bands in the early 80’s & 90’s the likes of Kashmere, Vigilance, Sab, Dan Jeffries Century & Sarasin.

Fabian Co-wrote all the lyrics and vocal melodies on the 1988 Q107 winning tune Running Scared.  Fabian first joined Sarasin back in 1986 recording their debut album Lay Down Your guns in 1987.


Fabian moved on from Sarasin after a 5 year stretch of maddening fun to explore numerous musical and business ventures. Now after close to 30 years Fabian has rejoined the band and has been working diligently with the boys on their new album to be released in early 2019. He’s ecstatic and can’t wait to rock and scream till your ears bleed.

Influential singers; Paul Rodgers, Ronnie James Dio, Robert Plant, David Coverdale.

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